Case: Sterner Trygg
"It's my house and I live here.

There's a welcome mat at the door."

Pool Store is one of Sweden's largest pool and spa retailers. The brand also develop and produce some of their own products. Pool Store is located in 5 different cities throughout Sweden with their HQ in Stockholm.

QBD and Pool Store began to swim together in 2017 when Pool Store experienced stagnating sales and the need for a breath of fresh air. Previously the brand focused on the technical part of there products - attracting DIY’s and handy-hens. But most people don’t buy a pool nor a spa strictly based on logic. Most of us do because we simply feel that we want one. QBD and Pool Store shifted focus to the more dreamy part of owning a Pool Store product - aiming not to the customers brains with our arguments, but to their stomachs and hearts. .

Based on the insight that Pool Store needed to focus on the softer values of there products we created the concept ”Förverkliga drömmen”, and with the concept in place we began a digital transformation - a new website, new digitally adapted content, advertising in new and traditional media, in-store marketing and much much more.

Brand Strategy / Concept Devolpment / Design Strategy / Communiction / UI / Production
Slogan / Concept


Vi berikar, förbättrar och underlättar många människors liv genom våra trygga hem."



Vi bygger inte bara bostäder. Vi bygger hem. Hem för människor att verkligen trivas i. I en bostad från Sterner Trygg ska du obekymrat kunna umgås, leva och njuta över generationer – både i din egen lägenhet och i de sociala gemensamhetsytorna.